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Writing from the Broken Places: Northern Hope Poetry 3

Mentored & compiled by Jim Bell

Writing from the Broken Places: Northern Hope Poetry 3

Price: $17.00
102 pages
Letterpress Cover
ISBN: 978-1-64871-591-4
Original woodcuts and drawings by J. Hyde Meissner

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Slate Roof Press is donating $3 of every sale to the North Quabbin Recovery Center, Atholl, MA.

This essential poetry anthology by people at the Northern Hope Recovery Center bears witness to the dignity and struggle of those in recovery—and the courage of writers who write to live.

The poems in The Northern Hope Anthology rage and wrench yet produce, with profound clarity, hope and light, “hard to walk towards it/ but damn it it’s beautiful”. . . These poems “creep [and] sneak through the cracks.” They are “headstone[s] in the rain,” “pill[s]/no longer want to swallow.” There are poems of shadows and pain, poems full of “needles, pipes, crusty spoons.” But the wounds these poems bear also remind us “I am loved/I am found.” This is a heartfelt collection of poems that dare to wear the scars like “a butterfly on [the] wrist,” and “thank God for this river here.” — Lauren Marie Schmidt, Author Filthy Labors

The fighters from Northern Hope do not disappoint in this latest anthology. No sucker punches here, they come straight at you with countless jabs to the heart and head. You’re going to be bruised the next day, and some of the blows will stay with you much longer than that, but ultimately you will feel fortunate to have stepped into the ring. — Jon Boilard, Author Junk City

Sometimes writing is more than creative expression. For these writers it’s a lifeline. Through the written word they find the honesty, courage, and hope to work toward recovery. — Trish Crapo, poet, journalist, photographer

These writings are an open window into the hearts and souls of the authors. They expose lives that are tragic or sad, determined, and sometimes funny. You enter into the troubled world of trauma and addiction. Be prepared to experience a range of emotions. — Christopher J. Donelan, Sheriff, Franklin Co., MA.

Jim Bell inspires hope, honesty and raw emotion with this extremely vulnerable and marginalized population. The writings are powerful and insightful, a glimpse into the mind of those sick and suffering from chronic substance use, a resource for those whose loved ones have been ravaged by addiction. — John A. Jones, Chief Probation Officer, Orange MA. District Court