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What sleeps inside

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Questions for a Traveler

There is a plain, wooden door,
a name carved deeply into it.

The name is yours
but it is not what you call yourself.

It is a curious language,
familiar to tongue but not to mind.

Did you find it as you hiked a forest trail,
life greening in early summer?

Was there a song in the back of your throat
as you climbed up the hillside,

a flush of sunlight washing through your eyes,
the entry in front of you?

Would you simply open it,
or knock first, standing

in the middle of everything, of nothing,
wind whispering high in the leaves?

Open.  Your breath will catch
in a light you never imagined,

like walking inside the daytime sky,
stars scattered inside you.


Paula Sayword’s full length book of poetry, Canticle of Light and Darkwas recently published by The Synthesis Center Press.  A chapbook, What Sleeps Inside,was published by Slate Roof Press in the summer of 2010.  Her poetry has appeared in Sanctuary: The Journal of Massachusetts Audubon Society, the Naugatuck River Review, Cyclamen & Swords, Sinister Wisdom, The Zuni Mountain Poets, and Adrienne Rich: A Tribute Anthology. She lives in Leyden with her longtime woman partner and spends time each year in Ramah, New Mexico.