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FROZEN ROPE by Dennis Pollock

Frozen Rope

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ISBN 978-1-942846-54-3

6x9, 36 pages plus illustrated flyleaves
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The poems in Frozen Rope are set in 1804 in Hadam, a fictionalized western Massachusetts town, and capture the life of the village and the voices its people, from incorporating the town, to a village murder, to the loss of a child, among other events and visions.

Excerpt in three voices from "First Visit to the Birth Mother," Haddam, Midsummer, 1811

And I thought this business disappeared . . .
        Like the splendid act of birds?
That it had healed between her and Jenna.
Mother against child.
It’s a stubborn stain, I see.
         A mother, with or without!
         (to Ann Eliza) All this has been collecting
         On the lee side of your mother here for years.
You’re bent to pick the scab,
Aren’t you, Ann Eliza, to open flesh.
She’ll snatch you back!
    I want to know who I am!