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All we can do is wait

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The snow gives thanks

for its snowman, coiling
loopy cold around the given body.
Lumps of charcoal find sanĂ¡uary
from the hibachi, and say a prayer
for the snowman who has no birthday,
no parents or friends except maybe
depressed angels laid out
in suicidal robes on the ground.
But the physics of white demand snowmen,
rolling them out through circumstance
& the hands of lesser creatures.
Stoic, static, their body parts
rotund with the miracle
of cold made flesh --

EdEd Rayher lives in Northfield, MA, making a living as a letterpress printer, typefounder, and publisher of poetry books at Swamp Press. The winner of the 2011 Poets Seat Poetry Contest, he was also the Franklin County Poet Lauriat for that year. All We Can Do Is Wait (Slate Roof Press) comes after many years of writing and refining his poems in a peer-run writing critique group he founded decades ago in Northampton. Ed is also a founding member of Slate Roof Press, sports an out of control beard in the winter, and infuses his poems with whimsy and a philosophical quirkiness (he has an MFA in poetry and a PhD in philosophy). One of the 2012 winners of the Hedgerow Books competition, his full-length poetry collection, The Paleontologist's Red Pumps, will be released in 2015.